Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More poison in the well

It seems about weekly that one can read about another scandal involving the manufacturers of psychotropic medications. It does not surprise me that companies will market their drugs in whatever way they can. It does sadden me that doctors in general, and psychiatrists in particular, seem to have been complicit in poisoning the well. I have prescribed zyprexa for schizopherneic patients for years and sadly watched some of them get fat. I have switched as many as I have been able to switch back to first generation medications, usually without difficulty or apparent harm. given how little trouble I have had over the years with tardive dyskinesia due to first generation medications and the amount of metabolic side effects I have observed with second generation medications, I would say that the profession has allow a great harm to occur. Why was this? It seems to me ironic that one of the reasons is the critique of psychiatry for neglecting the epidemic of tardive dyskinesia produced by first generation medications. That I believe made us quite uncritical of the marketing of second generation drugs like Zyprexa.

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