Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mental Health and Illness at the Science Museum London

The new history of medicine website of the Science Museum London has now been completed. In all it now presents 4000 new images of artefacts from the collections linked to 16 specialised themes on medicine across time, written by staff and other professional historians of medicine. Each theme is associated with bibliographies and interactives suitable for teaching at several levels. The link above takes you to the mental illness and health page.

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  1. Hi. Cool blog. I can't remember how I stumbled across it. I blog on mental illness myself (http://imaginendless.blogspot.com).

    You may be interested in this website

    He's one of the two senior mental health historians in the UK. His speciality is survivor history and he helps out with the Survivor History Group. Its a goldmine of information and his mental health history time line is extensive.

    There's also some quite good notes on the Mind website.

    Its easier to read than Andrew's material but Andrew's definitely the expert, though the author of the Mind factsheet is also exceptionally knowledgeable.